Down South, there are legends about things that lurk in the bottomlands... 

Locals sometimes whisper about something they've encountered in the local woods and swamps...a thing that, according to science and modern sensibilities, shouldn't or couldn't exist.

The stories are similar across the Southern US: a glimpse of red eyes glowing in the darkness, a large, hairy shape darting away into the dark woods and unearthly screeches that pierce the night.

The American South has its own unique traits, people, cuisine, attitudes, and according to some people, its own monsters.

SOUTHERN FRIED BIGFOOT is an independently-produced documentary that explores the legends, tales and possible reality of the hairy monsters that are purported to live in the wild areas of the South.

While many have heard the legends of Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest, the stories of boogers, swamp devils, and skunk apes lurking in the South aren't as well known. With commentary from believers, skeptics, and the open-minded, SFB shares a slice of Southern folklore that many people aren't aware of.

SFB profiles some of the people and groups who have made efforts to study and pursue the southern sasquatch. And while it covers the subject of strange creatures in the South, a few key legends are highlighted. They include: 


The Fouke Monster: The hairy creature that has been sighted around Fouke, Arkansas for decades and was the inspiration for the cult classic film "The Legend of Boggy Creek."

The Skunk Ape: The foul-smelling creature that is said to haunt the Everglades in Florida.

The Honey Island Swamp Monster:  The beast that is rumored to prowl the swamplands northeast of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Lake Worth Monster: A white shaggy creature that was sighted repeatedly near Fort Worth, Texas in the late 1960s.

Are these just legends or reality? Could there really be some type of unknown primate living in the backwoods of the South? Watch SFB, listen to the legends, and judge for yourself.