Is this a comedy or a "mock-umentary?"

Nope. Despite the strange title, "SFB" is a documentary that chronicles the legends and tales of legendary hairy creatures rumored to live in the swamps, hollers, woods, and marshes of the American South.

I thought that Bigfoot was only reported in the Pacific Northwest?

Actually, there are legends of similar type animals reported from all over the globe. The South is no exception.

Where was "SFB" shot?

On location throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Florida.

Is "SFB" airing on television anywhere?

"SFB" aired from 2009 to 2012 on The Documentary Channel, and from 2012 to 2017 on Destination America.

Where else can I watch "SFB?"

"SFB" can be rented and purchased online via Amazon.

Where can I buy a DVD copy of "SFB?"

Click here.

Is there a soundtrack available for "SFB?"

We licensed music from a variety of sources, but the great majority of the music in "SFB" was licensed from musician Dan Pound.  To hear more of and to purchase Dan's fantastic music, please visit the official website of Dan Pound.

Are there any social network sites for "SFB?"

Yep, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. 

What happened to Squatch the cat's tail?

As seen in the ending credits, Squatch was a barn cat who belonged to the director's aunt and uncle and was named thus because of his large feet. A few months after his cameo was shot, Squatch had his tail accidentally run over by a family member.

Sadly, Squatch disappeared in 2009 and is believed to have been the victim of coyotes. Rest in peace, little buddy.

Per the warning at the end of the credits, is it true that you'll send Bigfoot to kill me if I bootleg "SFB?"

Uh-huh, we're on a first name basis with him, and the only thing scarier than dealing with Bigfoot is dealing with our even scarier copyright attorney.

Is "SFB" available on NetFlix?

At this time, it's not, but you can request it here.

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