SEAN WHITLEY - Writer/Director/Producer

Sean Whitley first heard stories of Bigfoot lurking in Texas at the ripe old age of four. Several sleepless nights and nightmare-laden years later, he attended Southern Methodist University on an academic scholarship and graduated with a BA in Cinema. 

Sean has worked as a scriptwriter and producer for a wide variety of programs that have been broadcast on The Cartoon Network, The Learning Channel, SPEED Channel, MTV, Spike TV, Starz/Encore, Turner Classic Movies, HGTV, GAC, RIDE TV, Destination America, and The Cooking Channel. He's also adapted popular international properties such as "One Piece," "Shin Godzilla," and "Ghost In The Shell: Arise" for English-speaking audiences.  "Southern Fried Bigfoot" is his directorial debut.

He lives in the Dallas, Texas metro area with his wife Cynthia, and Lovey, a loud yet lovable Potcake dog from the British West Indies. 


MIKE ZEITZMANN - Producer/Director of Photography

Mike Zeitzmann has worked in television and video production for over 20 years. He has traveled the United States shooting cooking shows, corporate videos, commercials and sporting events. His editing credits include a weekly variety show, a weekly sports show, and a monthly program highlighting teachers.

Mike is currently working for American Forces Network in the Marshall Islands, and while enjoying some of the world's best diving, he has yet to encounter any mysterious creatures of the deep. 

JOHN CARSTARPHEN - Director of Photography

John Carstarphen has taught film and video production in college for several years, and is therefore no stranger to wild and untamed creatures. He recently directed the independent feature "PANIC TIME." He lives in Richardson, Texas with his wife, Susan, and dog Chelsea. 


FRANCISCO TRISTAN - Director of Photography

A gifted cameraman with an eye for the perfect shot, Dallas-based producer/editor Francisco Tristan has been in the television/video business for approximately 20 years. Francisco got his start as a news photographer in the late 1980s while attending the University of North Texas. After receiving his BA from UNT, he continued in news for a short time, then transitioned to production. His ability to produce attractive videos with little to no budget or equipment made him a sought-after commodity. His work has taken him from the coal mines of Indiana to the oil rigs off the coast of Puerto Rico.

The culmination of all his experiences throughout the years has now placed him in a high school classroom. As certified Career & Technology teacher, he now instructs teenagers in the art of television production.

Francisco has a beautiful wife named Cheryl, they have two Chihuahuas, and when he's not spending time with them, or with his students, he's out on freelance gigs or fishing. 



Misty Lane has been editing various projects for more than 15 years but has been a fan of unexplained phenomena for much longer. Learning about the large number of strange happenings around us has made her that much more wary of the things that go bump in the night. After editing programs for such networks as Spike TV, SPEED Channel, VOOM, DirecTV, and others, Misty is thrilled to edit "Southern Fried Bigfoot," and a little bit dismayed to learn that the bipedal, hairy ape-man once thought to be comfortingly confined far to the Pacific Northwest might just be running wild through her backyard.

Misty lives in the North Dallas area with her husband, Tim, and the unofficial record holder for giant felines, Penny Lane.



Christopher Sabat has worked in voiceover and audio production for over 10 years. Starting as a DJ, his voice has been heard on countless radio stations, TV and radio commercials, phone systems, toys, voice-guided safety equipment, and as a narrator on industrial and feature films. His experience in anime voice acting began in 1998 when he was cast as Yamcha and Igor in the Dragon Ball movie, "Sleeping Princess In The Devil's Castle." Soon afterwards, he was asked to join anime giant FUNimation Productions to direct the Dragon Ball Z series. Since then, he has directed over 600 episodes of various anime, cartoons and videogames and has voiced some of the world's most popular anime characters including Vegeta and Piccolo in Dragonball Z, Kuwabara, Gama and Rizen in Yu Yu Hakusho, Jigen in Lupin III, Ayame in Fruits Basket, Alex Luis Armstrong in Full Metal Alchemist, Principal Naru Naru and Kurosaki in Kodocha, Kikuchio in Samurai 7 and others. Recently, he was cast as both Saiga in the dark Gonzo title, Speed Grapher and Tres in Trinity Blood. He has also appeared in a variety videogame titles such as Deus Ex: Invisible War, Budokai, BloodRayne, SpikeOut, Blowout, Time Crisis 4, Aeon Flux, and Roadkill.

Currently, Chris lives in Dallas, Texas and owns an interactive audio production company called OkraTron 5000, Inc. where he lends his production talents to movies, television and interactive media as a producer, voice director, sound designer and an audio editor. He is represented by the Mary Collins Agency for acting and voiceover work. 


Lead Creature Performer

Matthew J. Fazio

Creature Performers

Zane Boyd

Shane Whitley


Scott Boyd

Deer Stand Hunter

Bing Graffunder


Dexter Sumpter


Ron Gardner

Teenage Hoaxer

Zane Boyd

Bourbon Street Drunks

Calvin Anderson

Hope Stedman

Cynthia Whitley

Hand Grenade Man