Lurking in a swamp down South is a creature whose attitude is as bad his stench!

 "The Spawn of the Sasquatch" is the latest concept from "Southern Fried Bigfoot" director Sean Whitley.  A cross between "Finding Bigfoot" and "Garbage Pail Kids," it's an indie comic book project about a brat of a Bigfoot who lives in a southern swamp.  If you're looking for a dark, angst-ridden story that's grim and gritty, look elsewhere.  However, if you like toilet humor and Bigfoot, you've come to the right place!

The special "Zero" issue introducing the character - created and written by Sean Whitley and illustrated, inked, colored, and lettered by the freakishly-talented Jason Chalker - is available digitally on Comixology, and get this, it's only ninety-nine cents!

We're currently seeking artists, inkers, colorists, etc. to help us tell more tales of the Spawn of the Sasquatch and his gross-out antics!  Contact us at the email address to the right with samples and rates!

We hope to see you in the funny pages!

Artists, Inkers, and Hollywood Bigshots:

Artists, inkers, colorists, letters:  please send samples and rates to the email adddress below.

For licensing questions about turning  the Spawn of the Sasquatch into a TV, movie, animation, toy, videogame, or other property, email us below and we'll tell you where to mail the big bag of money.